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Empowering Women To Invest With Confidence

Hi I am Geeta Brana and I run my own wealth advisory practice for women in Holmdel NJ.

I have extensive global investing experience with a career that spans over 23 years.

My practice is exclusively focused on empowering women to invest with confidence.

I specialize in providing them with the 3 C’s: Choices, Control and Certainty.

Most of my clients are wise women of Monmouth County, NJ who have recently become responsible for managing their money on their own. Their lack of financial knowledge and confidence is causing unnecessary fear and anxiety, preventing them from moving forward. They simply want to understand what they have, why they need it with the confidence to know their future is secure.

And you know what is interesting? It doesn’t matter whether these women are referred to me after losing a spouse, getting divorced, or simply retiring they all struggle with the same three concerns!

1. Will I have to go on a budget?

2. How do I make sure I never run out of money?

3. Will I become a burden on my children?

So, how do I help?

1. I create a personal income plan

2. I incorporate my Safe Money Strategy

3. And I provide an ongoing series of free events through WHEEL designed to educate, engage and build confidence in my clients.

Geeta K. Brana

Senior Vice President,

Financial Advisor

Freedom Capital Management,

960 Holmdel Road, Building 1,

Holmdel NJ 07733

Tel: 732-546-9315


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